A sundry goods brand born from the technology of a textile print factory

We have been running a fabric dyeing factory since 1989. In November 2018, we processed furoshiki cloth designed by film director Takeshi Kitano and other celebrities at the “FUROSHIKI PARIS” exhibition held by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. This led to the launch of the textile goods brand “ASOBI-GOKORO” in 2019.

Sustainable Manufacturing

We work with digital print technology, which has less environmental impact on the dyeing process, instead of the traditional Auto-Screen dyeing method that uses dyeing dies. Generally, a large amount of water is used in the dyeing process. For instance, our auto-screen dyeing with deduction baths uses approx. 90 tons of water per day. This is because it is necessary for cleaning tools such as belts and dyeing dies. In Inkjet printing, however, water is used only for washing a small portion of the tools. This reduces the amount of water used to about 4 tons per day (approx 95% less). In addition, there is no waste dye-stuff solution. It is also more efficient, as it eliminates dye effluent. The main products are Japanese traditional goods such as furoshiki (wrapping cloth), Azuma tote-bags, pouches, and Tenugui (Japanese hand towel).


What is Furoshiki?

Furoshiki is used to wrapping, carrying and tie things, but there are many other ways, That’s lot of fun. Furoshiki is said to be Japan’s basic eco-item, and it can be used as a bag or a basket bag by tying it. They can change shape according to the shape of the package, so even items that you do not want to lose their shape, such as lunch boxes, can be carried in a stable manner. It can also be used as a Table-cloth or wall hanging for interior decoration. Fold it up to make it small and easy to carry with you when you go shopping. It is hygienic because the fabric can be easily wash.

Azuma-tote bag

What is an Azuma-tote bag?

Azuma-tote bag is made of furoshiki (wrapping cloth) sewn together to form a bag. The typs of the fabric are tied together to make a handle. It is indeed an easy-to-use Japanese eco-bag. Fold it up to make it small and easy to carry when you go shopping. It is hygienic because the fabric can be easily washed even if it gets dirty.

Textile accessory

Eco Bag, Pouse, Pouch, Scarf
and Tenugui (Japanese hand towel).

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